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Senate Leadership
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Joseph Biden (V.P.) President of the Senate
Daniel Inouye (D, HI) President Pro Tempore
Harry Reid (D, NV) Majority Leader
Dick Durbin (D, IL) Majority Whip
Mitch McConnell (R, KY) Minority Leader
Jon Kyl (R, AZ) Minority Whip

To contact your Senator, look them up on the official Senate website.

2010 Senate debate
Member of 111th SenateParty Electoral Status / 2010 Challengers / Previous Debates
(2010 winners marked )


Sen. Shelby up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
William Barnes(D)

Former Senators & Senate races:
2008 Alabama Senate debate, Sessions vs. Figures
Tim Hutchinson (R, 1997-2003)
Richard ShelbyRepublican Sr Senator
Jeff SessionsRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Murkowski up for re-election in 2010; lost Aug. primary; Challengers:
Joe Miller (R)
Scott McAdams (D)
Frank Vondersaar (D; lost Aug. primary)

2010 Alaska Senate debate
2008 Alaska Senate debate, Begich vs. Stevens
2004 Alaska Senate debate, Murkowski vs. Knowles
Lisa MurkowskiRepublican Sr Senator
Mark BegichDemocratic Jr Senator
First elected 2008


Sen. McCain up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Former Rep, J.D. Hayworth (R)
vs.Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman (D)
vs.Former Mayor Rudy Garcia(D)

2010 Arizona Senate debates
2006 Arizona Senate debate, Kyl vs. Pederson
2004 Arizona Senate debate, McCain vs. Starky
John McCainRepublican Sr Senator
Jon KylRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Lincoln up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter (D, June 8 runoff)
vs.Rep. John Boozman(R, won May 18 primary)
vs.Jim Holt(R, lost May 18 primary)
vs. primary opponents State Senator Kim Hendren (R), Curtis Coleman (R), Col. Conrad Reynolds (R)

2010 Arkansas Senate debates
2004 Arkansas Senate debate, Holt vs. Lincoln
Blanche Lambert LincolnDemocratic Sr Senator
Mark PryorDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Boxer up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
vs.Carly Fiorina (R)
vs.Gail Lightfoot (L)
vs.Former Rep. Tom Campbell (R, lost primary)

2010 California Senate debate
Dianne FeinsteinDemocratic Sr Senator
Barbara BoxerDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Bennet up for election in 2010. Challengers:
Ken Buck (R)
Andrew Romanoff (D, lost Aug. primary)
Lt. Gov. Jane Norton (R, lost Aug. primary)
GOP nomination candidates: Tom Wiens, Cleve Tidwell, Steve Barton (R)

Sen. Ken Salazar appointed to Obama's Cabinet, 2009

Former Senators & Senate races:
2010 Colorado Senate debates
2008 Colorado Senate debate, Schaffer vs. Udall
2004 Colorado Senate debate, Salazar vs. Coors
Wayne Allard (R, 1997-2009)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R, 1993-2005)
Mark UdallDemocratic Sr Senator
Michael BennetDemocratic Jr Senator
Appointed 2009 to replace Ken Salazar


Sen. Dodd retiring in 2010; Contenders:
vs.Attorney General Richard Blumenthal(D)
vs.Linda McMahon (R)
vs.Rep. Rob Simmons(R, lost Aug. primary)
Others: Warren Mosler (D); Merrick Alpert (D)

2010 Connecticut Senate debates
2006 Senate debate, Lamont vs. Lieberman vs. Schlesinger
2006 Democratic Primary Senate debate, Lieberman vs. Lamont
2004 Connecticut Senate debate, Dodd vs. Orchulli
Chris DoddDemocratic Sr Senator
Joseph LiebermanIndependent Jr Senator


Sen. Kaufman retiring in 2010. Contenders:
Rep. Michael Castle(R)
vs.Christine O`Donnell(R)
vs.Chris Coons(D)
vs.Ray Clatworthy(R, withdrew)
vs.Attorney General Beau Biden(D, withdrew Jan. 2010)

Former DE Senator:
Sen. Joe Biden, seated as Vice President, 2009

Former Senators & Senate races:
William Roth (R, 1971-2001)
2010 Delaware Senate debates
Delaware Senate debate, Carper vs. Ting
Tom CarperDemocratic Sr Senator
Joe BidenDemocratic Sr Senator
Elected V.P., 2008
Ted KaufmanDemocratic Jr Senator
Appointed 2009 to replace Joe Biden


Sen. Martinez resigned in 2009. Candidates:
Gov. Charlie Crist(I)
vs.Rep. Kendrick Meek(D)
vs.Marco Rubio(R)
vs.Alexander Snitker(L)
vs.Bernard DeCastro(C)
vs.Dennis Bradley(V)
vs.Jeff Greene(D)
vs.Former N.H. Sen. Bob Smith(R)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Connie_Mack (R, 1989-2001)
2010 Florida Senate debate
2006 Florida Senate debate, Harris vs. Nelson
2004 Florida Senate debate, Martinez vs. Castor
Bill NelsonDemocratic Sr Senator
Mel MartinezRepublican Jr Senator
Formerly Secretary of H.U.D.
George LeMieuxRepublican Jr Senator
Appointed August 2009


Sen. Isakson up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmond(D)

2008 Democratic Primary Senate debate, Jones vs. Knight vs. Martin
2004 Georgia Senate debate, Isakson vs. Majette
Saxby ChamblissRepublican Sr Senator
Johnny IsaksonRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Inouye up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Cam Cavasso(R)
Gov. Linda Lingle(R)

2006 Hawaii Senate debates, Akaka vs. Case
Daniel InouyeDemocratic Sr Senator
Daniel AkakaDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Crapo up for re-election in 2010;
vs.Tom Sullivan (D)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Larry Craig (R, 1991-2009)
2008 Idaho Senate debate, Rammell, vs. Risch vs. LaRocco
Michael CrapoRepublican Sr Senator
Jim RischRepublican Jr Senator
First elected 2008


Sen. Burris retiring in 2010. Challengers:
Rep. Mark Kirk (R)
vs.Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D)
vs.Andy Martin (R, lost primary Feb. 2010)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Paul Simon (D, 1985-1997)
Sen. Barack Obama seated as President, 2009
2010 Illinois Senate debates
2008 Illinois Senate debate, Sauerberg vs. Durbin
2004 Illinois Senate debate, Obama vs. Keyes
Richard DurbinDemocratic Sr Senator
Roland BurrisDemocratic Jr Senator;
Appointed 2009 to replace Barack Obama


Sen. Bayh retiring in 2010; Challengers:
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D)
Former U.S. Senator Daniel Coats (R)
Former Rep. John Hostettler (R)
Richard Behney (R)

2010 Indiana Senate debates
Richard LugarRepublican Sr Senator
Evan BayhDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Grassley up for re-election in 2010;
Challenger: Roxanne Conlin(D)

2010 Iowa Senate debates

2008 Iowa Senate debate
Chuck GrassleyRepublican Sr Senator
Tom HarkinDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Brownback running for Governor in 2010. Challengers:
Rep. Jerry Moran (R)
vs. Lisa Johnston (D)
vs. Joe Bellis (Rfm)
vs. Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R; lost primary)

2010 Kansas Senate debates
2008 Kansas Senate debate
Sam BrownbackRepublican Sr Senator
Pat RobertsRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Bunning retiring in 2010. Challengers:
Dr. Rand Paul (R)
vs. Attorney General Jack Conway (D)
vs. Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo (D, lost May 18 primary)
vs. Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R, lost May 18 primary)
vs. Dr. James Buckmaster (D, lost May 18 primary)
vs. Bill Johnson (R, withdrew March 2010), Gurley L. Martin (R), Jon J. Scribner (R) and John Stephenson (R)

2010 Kentucky Senate debate
2008 Kentucky Senate debate, McConnell vs. Lunsford
2004 Kentucky Senate debate, Mongiardo vs. Bunning
Mitch McConnellRepublican Sr Senator
Jim BunningRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Vitter up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Rep. Charles Melancon (D)
Stephanie Gregory "Stormy Daniels" Clifford (I)

2008 Louisiana Senate debate, Landrieu vs. Kennedy
2004 Louisiana Senate debate, Vitter vs. John vs. Kennedy
Mary LandrieuDemocratic Sr Senator
David VitterRepublican Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2008 Maine Senate debate, Collins vs. Allen
Olympia SnoweRepublican Sr Senator
Susan CollinsRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Mikulski up for re-election in 2010;
Eric Wargotz (R)
Corrogan Vaughn (R; withdrew to run for Governor)

2006 Maryland Senate debate, Cardin vs. Steele vs. Zeese
2004 Maryland Senate debates, Mikulski vs. Pipkin
Barbara MikulskiDemocratic Sr Senator
Ben CardinDemocratic Jr Senator


Special election to replace Sen. Kennedy:
Primary in Dec. 2009; general election in Jan. 2010. Candidates:
State Sen. Scott Brown (R, won general election)
Attorney General Martha Coakley (D, lost general election)
US Rep. Michael E. Capuano (D, lost primary)
Alan Khazei (D, lost primary)
Stephen Pagliuca (D, lost primary)
Jack E. Robinson (R, lost primary)

2008 Massachusetts Senate debate, Kerry vs. Beatty
Ted KennedyDemocratic Sr Senator
Deceased, August 2009
John KerryDemocratic Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2006 Michigan Senate debate, Bouchard vs. Stabenow
Carl LevinDemocratic Sr Senator
Debbie StabenowDemocratic Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2008 Minnesota Senate debate, Franken vs. Coleman
2006 Minnesota Senate debate, Kennedy vs. Klobuchar
2006 Minnesota primary debates, Klobuchar vs. Bell vs. Kennedy vs. Cavlan
Amy KlobucharDemocratic Sr Senator
Al FrankenRepublican Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2008 Mississippi Senate debate, Musgrove vs. Wicker
Thad CochranRepublican Sr Senator
Roger WickerRepublican Jr Senator
Appointed, Dec. 2007; elected Nov. 2008


Sen. Bond retiring in 2010. Challengers:
Sec. of State Robin Carnahan (D)
vs. Rep. Roy Blunt (R)
vs. GOP primary challengers: Hector Maldonado; Kristi Nichols; James H. Schmdit (R)

2010 Missouri Senate debates
2006 Missouri Senate debate, Talent vs. McCaskill
Kit BondRepublican Sr Senator
Claire McCaskillDemocratic Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2006 Montana 2-way Senate debate, Burns vs. Tester
2006 Montana 3-way Senate debate, Burns vs. Tester vs. Jones
Max BaucusDemocratic Sr Senator
Jon TesterDemocratic Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2008 Nebraska Senate debate, Johanns vs. Kleeb
Mike JohannsRepublican Jr Senator
First elected 2008
Ben NelsonDemocratic Sr Senator


Sen. Reid up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Former State AM Sharron Angle (R)
Also ran: State Sen. Mark Amodei (R), Jon Ashjian (I), Danny Tarkanian (R), Sue Lowden (R), John Chachas (R)

2010 Nevada Senate debates
2006 Nevada Senate debate, Ensign vs. Carter
Harry ReidDemocratic Sr Senator
John EnsignRepublican Jr Senator

New Hampshire

Sen. Gregg retiring in 2010. Challnegers:
vs. Rep. Paul Hodes (D)
vs. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (R)
vs. Jim Bender (R, lost primary)
vs. Former State Rep. Tom Alciere(R, lost primary)

2010 New Hampshire Senate debates
2008 New Hampshire Senate debate, Shaheen vs. Sununu
2004 New Hampshire Senate debate, Gregg vs. Granny D
Judd GreggRepublican Sr Senator
Jeanne ShaheenDemocratic Jr Senator

New Jersey

No Senate election in 2010.

Former Senators & Senate races:
2008 New Jersey Senate debate, Lautenberg vs. Zimmer
2006 New Jersey Senate debate, Kean vs. Menendez
Bob Torricelli (D, 1997-2003)
Frank LautenbergDemocratic Sr Senator
Bob MenendezDemocratic Jr Senator

New Mexico

No Senate election in 2010.

2008 New Mexico Senate debate, Udall vs. Pearce
2008 early New Mexico Senate debate
Tom UdallDemocratic Jr Senator
First elected 2008
Jeff BingamanDemocratic Sr Senator

New York

Sen. Schumer up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Jay Townsend (R)
Gary Berntsen (R; lost primary)
Others: Martin Chicon (R); Randy Credico (D)

Sen. Gillibrand up for election in 2010 for a 2-year term; Challengers:
Former U.S. Rep. Joe DioGuardi (R)
Former Rep. Harold Ford (D, TN, withdrew March 2010)
Others: Bruce Blakeman (R), David Malpass (R), Dan Senor (R), Jonathan Tasini (D)

Former candidates:
Sen. Hillary Clinton, appointed to Obama's Cabinet, 2009
2010 New York Senate debate
2006 New York Senate debate, Spencer vs. Clinton
2004 New York Senate debate, Schumer vs. Mills vs. O'Grady
2000 New York Senate debate, Lazio vs. Clinton
Charles SchumerDemocratic Sr Senator
Kirsten GillibrandDemocratic Jr Senator,
appointed to replace Sen. Clinton, 2009

North Carolina

Sen. Burr up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (D)
Former State Sen. Cal Cunningham (D, lost primary)

2010 North Carolina Senate debate
2008 N.C. Senate debate, Dole vs. Hagan
2004 N.C. Senate debate, Bowles vs. Burr
Richard BurrRepublican Sr Senator
Kay HaganDemocratic Jr Senator

North Dakota

Sen. Dorgan retiring in 2010; Challengers:
Gov. John Hoeven (R)
State Sen. Tracy Potter (DNL)
Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp (DNL, withdrew March 2010)

2010 North Dakota Senate debates
Kent ConradDemocratic Sr Senator
Byron DorganDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Voinovich retiring in 2010. Challengers:
Rep. Rob Portman (R)
Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (D)
Eric Deaton (C)
Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D, lost May 5 primary)
Traci "T.J." Johnson (D, disqualified from primary ballot, March 2010)
Michael Pryce (I)

2010 Ohio Senate debates
Ohio 2006 Senate debate, DeWine vs. Brown
George VoinovichRepublican Sr Senator
Sherrod BrownDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Coburn up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Mark Myles (D; lost primary to perennial candidate Jim Rogers)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Mike DeWine (R, 1995-2007)
2008 Oklahoma Senate debate, Inhofe vs. Rice
2004 Oklahoma Senate debate, Coburn vs. Carson
James InhofeRepublican Sr Senator
Tom CoburnRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Wyden up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Prof. Jim Huffman(R)
Marc Delphine (L)

2010 Oregon Senate debates
2008 Oregon Senate debate, Merkley vs. Smith
Ron WydenDemocratic Sr Senator
Jeff MerkleyDemocratic Jr Senator
First elected 2008


Sen. Specter up for re-election in 2010; lost May 18 primary; Challengers:
Rep. Joe Sestak (D)
Former Rep. Pat Toomey (R)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Rick Santorum (R, 1995-2007)
2010 Pennsylvania Senate debates
2006 Pennsylvania Senate debates, Santorum vs. Casey
2004 Pennsylvania Senate debates, Specter vs. Hoeffel
Arlen SpecterDemocratic Sr Senator
Elected as Republican 2004; switched party, 2009.
Bob CaseyDemocratic Jr Senator

Rhode Island

No Senate election in 2010.

2006 Republican Primary debate, Chafee vs. Laffey
Jack ReedDemocratic Sr Senator
Sheldon WhitehouseDemocratic Jr Senator

South Carolina

Sen. DeMint up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Alvin Greene (D)
Charleston County Councilor Victor Rawl (D, lost primary)
Mullins McLeod (D, withdrew)

2004 S.C. Senate debate, Tenenbaum vs. DeMint
Lindsey GrahamRepublican Sr Senator, (SC)
Jim DeMintRepublican Jr Senator, (SC)

South Dakota

Sen. Thune up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
State Sen. Nancy Turbak Berry (D, withdrew, leaving Thune unopposed)

Former Senators & Senate races:
Tom Daschle (D, 1987-2005)
2008 S.D. Senate debate, Dykstra vs. Johnson
2004 S.D. Senate debate, Daschle vs. Thune
Tim JohnsonDemocratic Sr Senator
John ThuneRepublican Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2006 Tennessee Senate debate, Corker vs. Ford
Lamar AlexanderRepublican Sr Senator
Bob CorkerRepublican Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

Former Senators & Senate races:
Phil Gramm (R, 1985-2002)
2008 Texas Senate debate, Cornyn vs. Noriega
2006 Texas Senate debate, Jameson vs. Hutchison vs. Radnofsky
Kay Bailey HutchisonRepublican Sr Senator
John CornynRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Bennett defeated at Convention in 2010; Challengers:
Mike Lee (R)
Sam Granato (D)
Former US Rep. Merrill Cook (R)

2010 Utah Senate debate
2004 Utah Senate debate Oct. 14, 2004
Orrin HatchRepublican Sr Senator
Robert BennettRepublican Jr Senator


Sen. Leahy up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Daniel Freilich (I)
Len Britton (R)  
Patrick LeahyDemocratic Sr Senator
Bernie SandersIndependent Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.

2008 Virginia Senate debate, Gilmore vs. Warner
2006 Senate debate, Allen v. Webb
Jim WebbDemocratic Sr Senator
Mark WarnerDemocratic Jr Senator
First elected 2008


Sen. Murray up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Former gubernatorial nominee Dino Rossi (R)
Also ran: State Sen. Don Benton (R), Arthur Coday Jr. (R), Clint Didier (R), Chris Widener (R), Craig Williams (R)

2010 Washington Senate debates
2006 Washington Senate debate, Cantwell vs. McGavick vs. Guthrie
2004 Washington Senate debate, Murray vs. Nethercutt
Patty MurrayDemocratic Sr Senator
Maria CantwellDemocratic Jr Senator

West Virginia

Sen. Byrd died in June 2010.
Gov. Joe Manchin appointed an interim senator,
Carte Goodwin, who will hold office
until a special election in Nov. 2010. Contenders:
Gov. Joe Manchin (D)
John Raese (R)

2010 West Virginia Senate debates
Robert ByrdDemocratic Sr Senator
Jay RockefellerDemocratic Jr Senator


Sen. Feingold up for re-election in 2010; Challengers:
Ron Johnson (R)
Former Gov. Tommy Thompson(R)
Others: Terrence Wall (R), Dave Westlake (R)

2010 Wisconsin Senate debates
2004 Wisconsin Senate debates, Feingold vs. Michels
Herbert KohlDemocratic Sr Senator
Russell FeingoldDemocratic Jr Senator


No Senate election in 2010.
Michael EnziRepublican Sr Senator
John BarrassoRepublican Jr Senator
Appointed 2007; elected 2008


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