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Books by and about 2012 presidential nominees
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
A Life of Trial and Redemption
about V.P. Joe Biden (2010)
No Apology
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2010)
Young Guns
by Rep. Paul Ryan et al (2010)
The Path to Prosperity
by Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)
Promises to Keep
by Vice Pres. Joe Biden (2007)
The Audacity of Hope
by Pres. Barack Obama (2006)
by Gov. Mitt Romney (2004)
Dreams from My Father
by Pres. Barack Obama (1996)

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2014 Florida Gubernatorial debates and race coverage

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    from 2014 Florida Governor's race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Charlie Crist (5) Florida Democratic Governor Challenger
  • Rick Scott (6) Florida Republican Governor
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    Florida Gubernatorial race:
  • Miami Herald, "Who is that on anti-Charlie Crist robocall? Charlie Crist," by Adam C. Smith, Aug. 11, 2014
  • SaintPetersBlog weblog, "I'm not a scientist either but I can use my brain and I can talk to one," by James Call, July 26, 2014
  • The Tampa Tribune, "On-duty officers line up behind Scott at campaign event," by William March, July 7, 2014
  • e-zine, "Crist: Race Motivates GOP Opposition to Obama", by Jordan Fabian, May 6, 2014
  • Miami Herald, "Charlie Crist's Obamacare conundrum", by Marc Caputo, 3/16/2014
  • Miami Herald FactCheck on Rick Scott, 3/15/2014
  • Latino Fox News, "In flip-flop, Scott backs bill in-state tuition", 3/13/2014
  • Sun-Sentinel coverage, by Chan Lowe, January 5, 2014
  • MSNBC coverage, "Crist apologizes to LGBT community", Jan. 3, 2014
  • First Coast News, "Rick Scott signs death warrant", Jan. 2, 2014
  • SaintPetersBlog cov erage of charlie Crist's OpEd on Minimum Wage, December 31, 2013
  • Americans for Tax Reform coverage, 12/16/2013
  • AdWatch, 12/9/2013
  • Sunshine State News AdWatch, 12/9/2013
  • Huffington Post coverage, 8/30/2013 excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Civil Rights
    Charlie Crist: 2010: Backed gay marriage ban; 2014: supports gay marriage.
    Rick Scott: Signs death warrant for murderer.
    Rick Scott: OpEd: Requiring drug testing for welfare is unconstitutional.
    Rick Scott: Lay off DEP staff; environmental compliance & no enforcement.
Foreign Policy
    Charlie Crist: Lift the Cuban embargo; it has failed for 50 years.
Health Care
    Charlie Crist: AdWatch: unwavering support of ObamaCare.
    Rick Scott: AdWatch: "Let's Get to Work" opposing ObamaCare.
    Charlie Crist: Minimum wage increase good; living wage better.
Tax Reform
    Charlie Crist: 2009: temporary $25 average car fee increase.
    Rick Scott: $500 million in automobile fee & tax relief.
Welfare & Poverty
    Rick Scott: Require drug testing for receiving welfare.

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  • Charlie Crist Florida Democratic Governor Challenger
  • Rick Scott Florida Republican Governor

The above quotations are from 2014 Florida Gubernatorial debates and race coverage.

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